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At The Law Office of Andrew Reichardt, PLLC we give our utmost attention to each and every disability case, offering the personalized service that has become our trademark in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

In fact, many of the cases we accept come from other attorneys’ referrals. They trust us with their clients because of our reputation in the legal community.

With a larger, more impersonal law practice, you might not know from day to day just who is responsible for representing your interests. Your primary contact at our firm will be Andrew Reichardt himself, and he will be personally available to discuss your case.

Social Conscience, Legal Expertise

Attorney Reichardt’s educational background in social work and law serves us well in our primary area of practice, disability advocacy. We use the field of law to further the interests of our clients and society as a whole.

How has he done that? By spending the past twenty years exclusively and successfully representing those with disability claims. He has helped well over 1,000 clients with injuries and disorders of all kinds, including pain disorders and fibromyalgia, to receive disability benefits that they were unable to obtain on their own.

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Hard Work, Constant Communication

Many Social Security Disability claims are denied before they are eventually approved. An initial denial isn’t unusual and doesn’t mean that you won’t ultimately win your case. In fact, almost 80 percent of claimants in Utah are denied benefits on their first application.

We also handle long-term disability and so-called ERISA claims. ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal outline for regulating employee benefit plans, including health care plans sponsored and/or insured by an employer.

Prevailing in a Social Security Disability case often takes persistence and hard work. We’re ready to provide both. If you have been turned down for disability benefits, don’t give up. The Law Office of Andrew Reichardt, PLLC can help you determine what action to take next.

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To arrange for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your case, call (801) 261-3400 to set up an appointment to meet with Andrew.